Tracy Moeller






Tracy Moeller is a graphic designer born and raised in a small town in Northern California. She currently resides in San Francisco. She holds a BS in International Business from San Jose State, which she used for many years in her various buying and merchandising roles at Williams-Sonoma, Inc. In May 2019, she realized a long-time dream of graduating from art school, the Academy of Art University in San Francisco to be exact, with a BFA in Graphic Design. When not deeply entrenched in Adobe CC, she enjoys researching recipes to add to her growing list of baking and cooking achievements unlocked, and teaching her son about art (museums! art shows! graffiti! murals!), nature, and traveling.

She is currently seeking a position with a creative team that understands that building a strong brand vision requires creating and inspiring real connections between the brand and the people who love them.



Fun Facts She has an incredible memory for random popular music and movie trivia. She’ll nearly always read the end of a book before she finishes it. She also cheated and read through the live blogs for the “Battle of Winterfell” episode for GoT, so she would know ahead of time who lived, who died, and if they defeated the Night King. She has also come to realize now as a parent that many of the children’s books that have been best-sellers over the years are really quite creepy. Lastly, she has a habit of writing too much!

Resume available upon request.