Tracy Moeller

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse



OBJECTIVE Create a logo animation for a local San Francisco business that does not already have an existing one.



CONCEPT Mr. Holmes Bakehouse started in SF in 2014, but has recently expanded into Los Angeles and Seoul. Their baked goods and design aesthetic make them highly Instagrammable, but I was really drawn to their cheeky humor, and that's what I wanted to capture with this video. Green Day's “American Idiot” seemed fitting for theme music as the song lyrics fit the attitude that Mr. Holmes Bakehouse projects in their Instagram posts, in addition to the band being Bay Area locals as well. {Designer/Animator: myself; Instructor: Wioleta Kaminska}


Drive Movie Title Sequence



OBJECTIVE Create a 30 second movie title sequence featuring the name of the movie, the actors starring in it, and the director.



CONCEPT The movie Drive has a very 80’s noir film vibe to it that I wanted to really embrace in the animation. The main character is a loner, who is a driver-for-hire for the mob and other criminals when they need someone who can outsmart the cops. Most of the action takes place on backstreets and alleyways at night around downtown LA, so I imagined the main character, driving the lonely outskirts of LA at night with the skyline of downtown always present.