Tracy Moeller

DateNighter App


DateNighter App



OBJECTIVE Design a mobile application that solves a problem in the world that you are passionate about.



IDEA Date night is something that my husband and I, and many of our friends have struggled to make happen regularly with our very busy schedules. Finding new places to go and booking reservations ahead of time takes time and energy we don’t always have. As a result, our date nights often ended up being “let’s just stay home and eat takeout while watching Netflix while also working on our laptops nights”. After conducting research using Survey Monkey amongst our friend groups, I set out to create an app that would remove some of the challenges to setting up date nights.

CONCEPT The Date Nighter app is a personalized dining concierge app for people who love to dine out regularly, but don’t have the time to do the discovery or make reservations themselves. It learns your likes and dislikes, provides quick suggestions for new restaurants to try, and makes it easy to set up recurring date night reservations. 

After exploring various color palettes, I chose a darker color palette for the app in order to capture the more intimate mood of a date night, and to give it a slightly more sophisticated appeal than its contemporaries in the restaurant apps field, like OpenTable, which have a more casual feel with their use of red and white.

I landed on the typeface Filson Soft, which is a geometric sans-serif typeface designed by in 2014 by French type designer Olivier Gourvat. It was chosen for its playful features such as the curvy tail on the R, t and k, and the overall design of the letters gives it a bit more personality keeping the app from feeling too sophisticated. Not every date night has to be at a white table clothed restaurant.

The overall architecture of the app was designed to be quick and easy. It was something that people could do on their 10 minute bus ride to work. Again the people using this are busy people. It should be, and is, simple and straightforward to use.

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