Tracy Moeller

Snowboarder Magazine Rebrand


SnowBoarder Magazine Rebrand



OBJECTIVE A rebranding project for a niche magazine to move it into a new larger market space in order to give it a broader appeal.



CONCEPT Started in 1987, Snowboarder Magazine is the self-proclaimed most-read magazine on snowboarding. Its lean staff runs a website that is updated regularly while publishing a print magazine 5 times a year. Its style is essentially Thrasher for snowboarders—spreads that rely heavily on amateur photography, and typography that is poorly managed to the point of being, at times, illegible. The objective of the rebrand was for Snowboarder Magazine to move into the broader mid-range snow sports magazine market. The redesign required streamlining and updating the design, while maintaining some of the personality of the current magazine, in order to compete with the bigger snow sports magazines, like Transworld, that are currently dominant in the mid-range snow sports magazine market.